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Good old fashioned home cooking!

Welcome to the Cozy Kettle Restaurant. Located in the Swansea Crossing Plaza across the street from the Swansea Mall.

Cozy Kettle serves up freshly made foods at reasonable prices.

At Cozy Kettle, in addition to fabulous breakfasts, we serve a wide variety of lunches and dinners! 

Breakfast is served all day!

You can get anything from your traditional bacon and eggs, to one of our specialty pancakes--which are made the old fashioned way-not from a mix, to a hand-battered buffalo chicken sandwich that is served on a torpedo roll.

We use only the finest ingredients

Every dish made to order

Come taste the difference at The Cozy Kettle!

Complimentary Wi/Fi

  Business Hours:

  SAT - SUN 7:00AM - 3:00PM

  MON - THURS 8:00AM - 3:00PM

  FRI 8:00AM - 8:00PM


Oven-Baked Pancake

Originating in Holland, these puffy delights rise like cake, making them a delicious blend of breakfast and dessert. They require 30 minutes for maximum fluffiness and flavor.

Baked Pancake
Oven baked with your choice of fruit filling baked in our own pancake batter and cinnamon-sugar glaze.
   Apple Cinnamon Slices, Bananas and Walnuts,
   or Peaches.
Small 7.99 
Large 8.99
The Dutch
A bowl shaped pancake baked to a golden-brown perfection and served with whipped butter, fresh lemon and powdered sugar.
Small (Dutch) 6.99  
Large (German) 7.99
Add extra fruit to the Baked Fruit Pancake Dutch, or German for only 99¢ each

For the kids...
(And the kids at heart)

Come and visit our "Scoop Shoppe"


(See our Ice Cream page for more info.)


Served hot and fresh with different
selections every week!

Breakfast Buffet:
Saturday & Sunday 9AM - 1PM

Adults $9.99 Kids 10 & Under $5.99

Want Cozy Kettles great food at your home or office?
We offer full service in house and remote Catering.

(See our Catering page for more info.)

The older you are, the more you are worth!

Come in on your birthday and join
Cozy Kettles Birthday Club:

RULES: It is very simple ON YOUR BIRTHDAY
show your server your drivers license or other
identification that will establish your birth date
and you will receive Cozy Kettles birthday club
For every year old you are you will
receive a one percent discount.

                                                   FOR EXAMPLE:
                                                   Twelve years old =
                                                                     12% discount
                                                       Fifty years old =
                                                                     50% discount
                                           One hundred years old=
                                                  THE OLDER YOU GET
                                             THE MORE YOUR WORTH*

*Since it’s only your birthday only you receive the discount.
Tell your server when you order so that they may make up
a separate check for you reflecting the appropriate discount.
You may receive the birthday club discount only on your birthday.
If we are closed on your birthday we will honor your discount on
the following open day.
Offer can not be combined with other coupons or discounts.


Vicki Kettle

Cozy Kettle Managing Partner.

With more than 27 years of restaurant and kitchen management experience, Vicki was formerly the restaurant manager at the Bickfords in North Providence, RI. 

In addition, Vicki has held various positions at notable restaurants including Bickfords, Brighams, Friendlys, Dennys, and the Cape Codder hotel.

She is viewed by her staff and partners as a skilled manager, and  leader who exudes confidence, kindness and a quiet strength.

Vicki is particularly admired as a person who maintains her composure under the pressure of preparing different foods for multiple events on the same day. When asked about this her answer is invariably the same, "It's all a matter of organization."

In August, 2009, Vicki helped open the Cozy Kettle restaurant in Swansea, MA.

Cozy Kettle offers classic diner style comfort food in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

She says she feels a special sense of pride in her position at the Cozy Kettle.

“Restaurants’s have been a continuous part of my entire adult life. and it is a dream to head the talented kitchen staff that works very hard to put the best food possible on the plates of diners in our 80-seat restaurant.”

Vicki is always happy to hear from guests about their experiences at the restaurant. Feedback is a powerful tool used to enhance each guests experience.

Please feel free to contact her with any suggestions, comments, or concerns.

Cozy Kettle Restaurant
207 Swansea Mall Dr.
Swansea, MA 02777                                                      

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